quarta-feira, 28 de outubro de 2009

The Mirror

I look at the mirror
And all I see is me
Someone who is lost
Someone who want's to be free
But the mirror is bad
The mirror is a lyer
he´ll drives me so mad
That I will become fire!
He doesn't show everything
He was the devil behind
So I fell my soul possessed
And I beg for something!
That's mine!
You got the devil behind you
Becarefull he's looking for you
Becarefull he´s looking after you
You try, to escape
To the real world pass
I don't know how I can fell it
Cause you are nothing more than glass
Than glass . . . so . . . you shall not pass
You know my weaknesses
My hopes and fears
You cat me with you reflex
You make me be flood in tears.
Ana Teresa Rego
Bruna Teixeira
Maria Flábia Barros